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Labcase was established back in the mid eighties with the intent to build new user friendly cost effective furniture solutions for the technical and laboratory markets. We have worked directly and indirectly with dealer groups or other suppliers to complete projects over the years. We do most of our work for OEM applications filling the needs of cabinet or equipment manufactures to complete there projects. Often we work with design or architectural groups to either develop or change our current designs to fit a need they are looking for. We are not locked into this market completely we will build systems for any private or government agency if they inquire. This includes but not limited to manufacturing, STEM, electronics, phamacutical, R & D, education, biological, medical, institutional, and technical fields and applications. We have the capabilities to build 1 or 1000 of anything we show within our catalogs or customer driven designs specific for you.
We have the capability to design and build everything you would need to complete laboratories for multiple uses. We currently design and manufacture all our products Here in the United States. Manufacturing in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area we have tapped into a tallented work force groomed for furniture manufacturing. We also have our powder coating operation near by to complete the metal parts of your project. Warehousing and stocking are available for long term standing orders Or requested stockable items to better fill your needs. We also have accessory items in stock or set up for a fast turn around from resin counter tops to specific Bench systems. Capabilites for steel raw material fabrication include laser cutting, punching, inserting, forming, welding, finishing, and powder coating. Final assembly along with Specific packaging needs can also be met. From engineering / design through to shipment we have you covered. We are a global supplier unless restricted by US  Customs and our State Department.
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